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Get to know Detroit with long-time locals. Learn about Detroit's history and culture. Tours happen once a month -- watch this space for future tours!

Urban Grown Tour

Find out how Detroit’s urban agricultural scene has transformed vacant spaces into hubs of healthy eating, youth education, and community development.

Next Tour: June 16, 2018

Motown and Beyond Tour

A tour of people and places that shows Detroit's world influence on music and why everyone imitates it.

Next Tour: July 28, 2018

Bootleggers Tour

Learn about how Detroit became the center of bootlegging in America, and visit key sites along the way.

Next Tour: August 4, 2018



Nefer Ra Barber

Nefer Ra's goal is to help people who don’t have access to healthy food take control of their health. She is a founding member of the Detroit Food Security Network, the Chairperson of the National Women In Agriculture Michigan Chapter, on the board of the Michigan Food and Farming Systems, and a certified Master Gardener from Michigan State. She is currently the Training Program Coordinator at Earthworks Urban Farm, where she teaches gardening and cooking.

Danny Carl

Danny grew up on Detroit's Eastside and currently volunteers with the Chandler Park Conservatory, a non-profit organization that provides educational, recreational, and conservation opportunities for youth and their families on Detroit’s Eastside. He loves repairing bicycles and making home-made bike trailers. He hopes to share his love of Connor Creek with bike tours.

Wendy Casey

Wendy Casey started gardening to transform vacant space into places where people can grow food and build a sense of community. She completed her Master Gardener license from Michigan State in 2016, and has since coordinated training programs at D-Town Farms and worked at Eastern Market as a Health Fellow. She currently is the Community Outreach Specialist at Earthworks Urban Farm and a docent at the Belle Isle Conservatory.

Lemonia DeClouette

Lemonia has been giving tours in Detroit and globally for over 20 years. She hopes to expand people's impression and experience of the world through storytelling and guiding first hand experiences.

Minnie Lester

Minnie has lived in Detroit's Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood for over 40 years and has been a leader in the community. She started giving tours to change public perceptions of Detroit and share its rich history.

Jamon Jordan

Jamon is widely known for this Detroit historical tours. He has studied African American history for years and has taught history in Detroit middle and high schools. He started giving historical tours when he saw the need for people to have a personal experience with the history of African Americans and Black people throughout the Diaspora.

Delores Orr

Delores Orr has lived in Detroit's Eastside her entire life. She worked at General Motors for three decades, led Food Services at Word of Faith Int’l Christian Center and Woodmont Academy, and served in a variety of social service roles at the Detroit Board of Education, Golightly Education Center, and the Department of Health and Human Services. She is currently president of the Cadillac Boulevard Block Club and a steering committee member of Eastside Community Network.

Zachary Rowe

Zachary is the Executive Director of Friends Of Parkside, a grassroots community-based organization on Detroit’s Eastside which provides programs for youth, a computer learning center, health and safety projects, and linkages for residents to employment and personal development opportunities.

Frances Worthy

Frances is a Detroit music insider with connections to Motown. She is a graduate in music management and production from Atlanta Art Institute. She manages Hot Wax Music, founded by her son Keir Worthy who started the rap division at Warner Bros. She also managed a rap group, The Gaurden, based in Austin. She recently graduated from DJ classes with Mother Cyborg and Seraphine Collective. 



Detroit Tours Collective is an initiative where Detroit locals create and lead neighborhood tours to share the Detroit that they know and love. Members of this collective meet twice a month (2nd and 4th Tuesdays at Eastside Community Network) to design tours based on their interests and personal knowledge. New members are always welcome!

The project has been going on for two years, and started out with Bootlegger's Tours of Detroit's Eastside, and is currently expanding to include an Urban Agricultural Tour, Motown Music Tour, and African American History Tour. This project is supported by the University of Michigan School of Information and Eastside Community network.




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